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a holiday circus dream

adaptation written & directed by
Melissa Landry, Jen Derbach, Renee-Claude Goulet
produced by Cirquonscient
music of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky


Storyline / Synopsis

“CrakdNutz: a holiday circus dream” is an adaptation and continuation of the traditional Nutcracker story reminding us that when surrounded by a community of support, dreams can come true. 


Scene 1: The Holiday Party

 Our story begins with the beloved, but not ageless, Clara who is now a young adult pursuing her dream of becoming a professional circus artist. Tis the season, Clara and her brother are hosting a holiday party with friends. During the festivities, a magician appears bearing circus gifts for everyone. Clara receives a new apparatus, although normally confident, she feels apprehensive and uncertain. After guests depart, Clara retires to bed with her beloved Nutcracker from childhood.


Scene 2: The Battle

As Clara drifts off to sleep, she falls into a tumultuous dream. The Nutcracker comes to life and with the assistance of circus soldiers they chase away her fears and self-doubt manifested as an army of rats. 


Scene 3: Snowtime Shenanigans

Harlequin fun for everyone - Watch out for the snowballs!


Scene 4: Wintery Circus Wonderland

Nutcracker and Clara travel through snow packed forests, marveling at charming and inspiring circus artists.  


Scene 5: The Land of Circus Dreams

The pair arrive at the Land of Circus Dreams, a lively and welcoming place where all things circus come to life. They are warmly greeted by the Sugar Plum, Snow and Dewdrop fairies and a collective of other circus artists. An entertaining showcase of stunning acts (sprinkled with a hint of romance) ensues. 

Scene 6: Finale

Clara is brought face-to-face with her new apparatus. The Land of Circus Dreams is filled with awe and wonder as Clara, reignites her confidence, creativity and playfulness to perform for her circus friends. Awe evolves into celebration. Clara awakens, was it all a dream? 

A heartfelt thank you all our performers, who spent countless hours creating this show together, building their individual acts, and dedicating many weekend evenings to make this all come to life. A show like this comes together thanks to the support of our entire community. This includes (but not limited to) our wonderful, partners and kids, our performers’ parents giving rides to rehearsals, and you, who bought a ticket to our show. Thank you for helping make our circus dreams come true! -Team Cirquonscient

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