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up late circus clickbait

written, directed & produced by

Show Details

Dreamscroller: up late circus clickbait, is an aerial circus comedy that flips bedtime routines on their head! Through hilarious dream vignettes, 'Dreamscroller' delves into the chaos that ensues when too much scrolling clashes with the natural rhythms of sleep. Be dazzled by circus aerialists defying gravity whilst poking fun at the bad habit of excessive screen use before bedtime. From can-can dancing bugs to wild new makeup trends, take a wild journey into the absurdity of our dreams. But amidst the laughter and spectacle, 'Dreamscroller' delivers a message about the importance of disconnecting from screens to preserve our mental well-being. 


We would like to thank MediaSmarts for granting us permission to incorporate the beloved house hippo into our show. 

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