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Our Performers

Circus with soul


Melissa Landry

Creative energizer bunny

Melissa has been an multi-disciplinary aerial and circus performer since 2012. With a love for artistic expression and a background in environmental and development issues she was  inspired to explore how circus can be used to contribute to social awareness of contemporary cultural topics. Having found her tribe of like minded creative humans she proposed the idea of a social circus group to them and thus collectively, Cirquonscient was born.


Regina Taptich

Cult leader

Regina has been an aerialist since 2015. As a rhythmic gymnast, she brings poise and esthetic flare to performances. She is consistently inspiring through her creativity and uniqueness, and loves developing new skills and conquering personal challenges. With a fun loving and witty sense for humour she brings love, encouragement and food to her aerial partners.


Renée-Claude Goulet

Font of wisdom

Renée-Claude has been performing on aerial silks and aerial hoop since 2016. She is also a skilled hula hooper, performing with LED and fire for over 8 years. Renée-Claude is motivated by all the creative challenges aerial arts present, from collaboratively creating new acts, characters and shows, to figuring out how to master the physics at play in dynamic movements.


Sophie Goulet

Strength personified

Sophie has been performing aerial arts since 2014. Sophie is skilled on various apparatus, including silks, static trapeze, lyra and aerial hammock. Sophie lives for the moments of achievement that come with the development of strength and mental clarity through aerial arts and fitness. Aerial arts have been a natural continuation of her love for creative movement and restorative fitness.


Rachel Conlon

Esoteric aesthete

Rachel has been a performing aerialist since 2015, bringing flair and style to every event. Skilled at silks and lyra, she has also developed a love of poi and fire dancing. Her organizational skills have been essential to Cirquonscient since its inception.


Christal Washer


Christal began her aerial arts adventure in 2012 on aerial silks. She has expanded her expertise to include skills on aerial hoop (lyra), static trapeze and corde lisse. Christal is a strong performer and enthusiastic person, who encourages her team members to explore and test their boundaries.


Francisca Commisso

Small package, big impact

Francisca has been an aerial and circus performer in community and corporate events and festivals since 2015. Francisca has a passion for the arts with early beginnings in theatre and music. Her creative imagination has sparked the inception of complex characters that both entertain and inspire bringing wonder and fun to each performance. 

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